Sandi Martin Headshot.jpg

Sandi Martin

Partner, Financial Planner, Spring Financial Planning
Areas of Specialty: Retirement Planning, Investment Policy, Planning for Young Families

Sandi started in banking almost by accident, and quickly realized that she could help clients or get good performance reviews…but not both. After almost ten years, tired of the cold calls, team meetings, and apologizing for how many credit cards she hadn’t sold that day, Sandi became an ex-banker (with an ex-pension) and founded Spring Personal Finance, an independent, advice-only financial planning practice to help ordinary Canadians make the best financial choices with the best information possible.

Based lakeside in beautiful Gravenhurst, Ontario, Sandi built a virtual practice so she could serve clients from across the country, while staying home to raise her three small (at the time) children. Five years later, Spring Personal Finance merged with JYC Financial to become Spring Financial Planning. The kids are also bigger.

Sandi is the co-host of the Because Money podcast, and co-founder of (now sold), which helps investors compare the services of Canadian roboadvisors. Along with Julia and Krysten, she co-authored the ebook “Women & Money” in 2016. Well-known in the online world of finance, Sandi has strong opinions about regulation, sequence of return risk, expensive mutual funds…and just about everything else, come to think of it.

Sandi is a loud, frequent laugher, would like more time to read, and has a particular penchant for the ridiculous and goofy. She loves the great food her husband cooks, procrastinates by reconciling her bank statements, and can be found at the beach every summer evening.